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Unchill vid 2 by bristol skatepark. Mckin definitely a contender for 2017 zootspace soty. If you don’t follow Bristol skatepark on vimeo, do that. If you don’t have a vimeo account, make one.

Theres no pulp at sugarbush.

Vote for Magnus even if you voted yesterday, you can vote again today :)

Sawyer and Sam Miles skiing  at at resort I’ve never heard of before.

New keeshlife video at a resort that I’ve never seen have day light.

Gram update: insane swerve line go vote for magnus, keegan crazy spin move,  footy of wabs that you’ve already seen with narration from the world surf league, dilly going really fast at pc, more keegan shots at copper that are from an edit I can’t find, and Bmack skiing a park he built.

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