minute maid


“Think Create”- A short ski film by Freddie Grann the ski paint man. It features some shots of his super unknown which I recently posted but mostly footage I haven’t seen. Very enjoyable watch, the Grann man is def one of the most creative skiers to ever do it.

Kai Mahler skiing half pipe, posted up on a new vimeo account called loose connection. Always good to see full pipe videos.

Theo Vivian giving us some standard def crispyness for some Salomon joint.

2 minute pow clip from god knows who skiing god knows where.  Switch 3 to tripod 1 off of the cliff was dank.

More clips of Mista Mango, Juiceboxboi, and Jonah Elston at Brighton park. I saw this edit of Juiceboxboi and always that him and Mango where the same. I think Juicebox is actually a snowboarder who skis sometimes tho?

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