its the middle of summer

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 5.56.35 PM.png
A good content acquiring brother. photo via one of Meeks’ many grams
It’s July, theres hardly any new skiing coming out. Every one has most likley returned home for the summer to start saving up for next winter, or been getting paid 100 dollars a week to work for windells. A solid pieces of content have dropped over the last couple of weeks though.

A compilation of dancing skeletons and Lauri valta’s shots from this season. I think ses means season in another language. Correction: ses means lifestyle.

Meeks, Magnus and some back country big dogs went to bear tooth sessions and Kohnstam made a video.   There was a big mountain competition there and the insane Gilbane took home gold.

Downdays put the the Education of Style on their site the other day. Better then Let it Flow but not as good as the solo project years, Bdog films his most controversial segment, Tanner hall goes to Jamaica, and Henrik (kinda) does the first Dub 7 blunt.

Freed put “dust” on his website. If you ever feel like watching the old hoodcrew movies or listening to some club bangers go to

3 thoughts on “its the middle of summer”

  1. its 100 every day in SLC what am I supposed to do, I’m literally sad the revision drama is ending

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