Mostly not skiing 

For years skiers have taken inspiration from other action sports (surfing, skating, snowboarding). People have even gone as far as to not like certain skiing because they think it’s taking to much inpsiration from skating and/or snowboarding. There’s an article on yobeat that discusses an “action sports chain of command” diagram. Basically, a line of action sports that take inspiration/are cooler than others. The chain only goes one way, insinuating higher sports on the chain don’t take inspiration from lower sports. Spoiler, the only things below skiing are roller blading and wake skating. In a recent interview with @mikearnolddeluxe (one of my favorite skaters) he mentions how he stopped watching skating all together at one point. He says watching skiing was what brought him to do one of the first ever 450s out on a skateboard. I was on instagram today and saw he posted this picture of a4 on his story.

A4 270 into the wall 

On that note, A4 also had some shots in the new sangwich video, including a fish eye angle of the bounce flip :0. The link skips to where 40’s shots start but I recommend watching the whole thing.

The chain of command as perceived by yobeat doesn’t really have much relevance, rockstars are above skaters and wakeboarding is on the same plane as skiing? However the point is that there is no chain of inspiration in action sports, it’s more of a #inspirationcircle.

Words by Sam Leckorin, photo by Eric Poole

One thought on “Mostly not skiing ”

  1. inspiration circle is a real good way of thinking about it. cool to see how mike arnold percieves skiing from a skaters perspective

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