5 (8) favorite gram accounts with the kid

In a time where instagram is taking over the world, it’s also taking over skiing. I’m more of a «save your footage for a full length»  kinda guy as I’ve mentioned before, but there’s no denying the gram holds some great content. The kid (@skrtskrtswerve) is somewhat of a gram masta, with the majority of his videos having 30k+ views.  It’s also his birthday today, and this is your favorite gram’s  five (8) favorite grams :)


#1. @digit.jpeg

Kid: Two lil Swedish homies Lucas and Ruben. Joint gram account? =new wave.

ZS: These kids somehow got jive sticks set up as a park feature. Their #linkinbio also really pulls at the heart strings.

#2. Shared spot for the Nelson bois

Kid: Three good brothas on some digi canada shit.

ZS: Y’all ready know zootspace loves the Canada trio. They ski the best spots and have the funniest grams. Still can’t tell the difference between Spliffrun and 2tab tho.

#3. @burrito_boi

Kid: Mango’s protegé, good style brother, makes lots of burritos.

ZS: Also one of my fav grams. Burrit Pete is the master of improvised skiing. Contender for the #2017zssoty.

#4. @kallebogren

Kid: Klappen homie wit a really nice junt 3, insp edits, and a bad shorty.

ZS: That cork 3 tail tho. Every one at klappen is dope.

#5. @oysteinbraten

Kid: A good corporate brother, 1 footy back cork 4.

ZS: Oyster Bratwurst

Special Mention: @codywilderray

& Don’t sleep on the tube account or street clips either mafks.

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