Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.57.13 AM 2.pngCan’t wait to see a bunch of ski industry super kooks at If3 this weekend. Mostly just goin to watch Eat the Guts again.

The legacy of a first of its kind ski website has been withered down to a facebook page that posts strictly grade A content. As a result of internet genius Charlie Dayton, the BroBomb website can still be viewed via website screen shot archives, that must be navigated in a tech savvy manner. Never the less, worth your time if your trying to dive into some OG ski history.

B-Dog put a short trailer for his new video “tempo” on the gram. Also, he got invited to real street which is dope.

… Can we all just take a second and appreciate Corn’s switch 7 in #petesvid

game of slvsh between Magnus and Mango with a Magnus interview below the video, a Magnus ski above the video, and a Magnus advertisement before the video.

I guess there’s another Keeshlife movie?

Hugo Burvall 16/17 compilation. How many people will land on their noses this year? Will people stop landing on the middle of their ski entirely? The Kid landed on his noses so well the Newschoolers gram had to post it twice.

Been watching a lot of old Wallisch vids recently. Now that so many people land on their nose, (which I enjoy watching when it’s proper ^) I’ve been yearning for some good ol’ middle of ski on snow switch landings. I’d say I pretty much stopped fuckin with Tom around the same time his kit game got weak as hell.  Although, a recent project of his– a video that pays homage to JP’s classic sec in “All I Can”– might not be weak as hell. Fun Fact: Corn currently has the orange and white striped polo that Tom wore in his “Slamina” part.

Trash party made a juggling/skiing mix from some spring sessions at Geilo.

Gram update: Keesh fast life, back swap boi nay nay banger, LSM meditational bc line, and LSM meditational rail slide

Fashion Report: Arsenic f/w drop part 2Team Scandi full f/w line

Quote of the week: What was your favorite video this year? Riley: “Prolly Dar rg clip”.


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