The many levels and aspects of the nugget aka the ski slide (opinionated and controversial)

Examples of dank alt nuggets.

high nugget

level nugget

deep nugget

The nugget and 50-50 have peacefully coexisted for as long as Will Wesson and Andy Parry have made videos together. However, the nugget has a tendency off veering off track from its original purpose to create something that is not very visually appealing. If you’re an average American, (not Burrito Boi or a foreigner) the nugget should only be attempted in dire circumstances (see middle picture). If an obstacle simply can’t be 50-50’d, then maybe, just maybe it’s nugget time. Features such as tubes, tables, boxes, barriers, and bars all deserve 2 feet, and when you do find something that requires the nugget make sure to keep it in the level range, with the least amount of splicing possible. The 50-50 on a standard down hand rail has debatably never been done, (similar to the fully behind the binding tail press), but once someone true style 50-50’s a handrail, the nuggets place in America may permanently reside to strictly creeper rails. As much as we do know about the nugget there are many things still unclear. Why do foreigners look so much better doing it? Did some one nugget a dfd before T-Hall’s #highnugget throwback in Triumph?

3 thoughts on “The many levels and aspects of the nugget aka the ski slide (opinionated and controversial)”

  1. Its called a ski-slide. The only people that call it a nugget are 16 year olds who smoked pots once. Oh yeah, I think I just saw an edit and this guy “B-dog” was doing it. Ski slides about to blow up.

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