happy thanksgiving pilgrims

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wack friday

What I’m thankful for in skiing was most accurately depicted by Harrington Brother Z the other day, but aside from our shared appreciations, I’m thankful for everything that gets put on this website.  It’s been a slow week for new content video wise, hopefully Eat the Nuts and Interpretation will be online soon.

I once used a fufu purple video player to upload videos to ZS, which I have decided to abandon. Videos such as “A Park City Christmas, the first Zootspace original” and the excerpts previously missing from vimeo, one and two, are now playing on a more accessible platform.

Subscribe to the goat. Hackel’s been uploading a bunch of clips  to his youtube channel.

A short early season sugarbush montage featuring Jim, Will Mac, some snowboarding and Insane Gilbane (I think). Shout out to who ever did the super-fed I think that might’ve been Gilbane to.

gram update: Freddie Grann spray paints features on snowCrack Jack street footy.

Fashion Report: Two companies that have given you product in the name of black friday, but haven’t gentrified there prices because of wack friday. Arsenic Goth collection. Dan’s having a pop-up in SLC tommorow night DM him for more details. The new Kallt Gear drop. New ZS T shirts coming soon.

Quote of the week: “my mom thinks I’m Zootspace”- anonymous.

Leeb has been making a bunch of music

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