spot beef (tb)

7 years ago all seemed to be well. Level 1 was still making decent movies and 4bi9 had yet to become Good Company / a #fullservicemediaoutlet that films bourbon commercials (would make more sense if it was a commercial for 40’s). Beneath the surface of a great era of skiing there appeared to be some serious east/west side conflict closely comparable to Biggie and Pac’s beef.  In 2011 Ahmet was filming with level 1 for his “After Dark” seg and Tim McChesney was filming with 4bi9 for “Begging for Change“. During February of that year 4bi9 randomly put out a video (below) of Tim doing a 4 on to a ledge to promote their new movie. Later that year “After Dark” came out and Ahmet has a shot of the same exact 4 on to the same exact ledge in his part. Judging by the song in the 4bi9 vid it seems like east side did it first… but how did they know Ahmet got that shot? How far back does the beef go and does it continue to this day? What we do know is that 4bi9 used to be dope and now they’re trynna sell us old animal t-shirts?

PSA: One of 4bi9’s best vids is still missing.

Eat the Guts drops Tommorow :))

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