The Krypto Skier interview

Eirik Moberg aka Krypto skier is nice with it, and B-mack interviewed him while they where on the subway together. Curious to know more about the only skier I’ve seen to have dank shots of their dad in an edit, I also asked him a few questions.

ZS: What happened to that Trash Party movie called :)?

KS: Haha thats a funny story actually, its kinda sad too! They have got a lot of shots but not enough I think! we were talking about mixing up the Ratnation shots from this season and the Trashparty shots from smile, because we’re always trying to film together! So I hope we can make something together and release it in the spring or something.

ZS: That’d be dope, are you workin on anything specific right now or kinda just filming for that?

KS: Yeah workin a lot on that project, Magnus was also in Oslo last week too, so we were doing a little piste edit from the slopes here. We also gots some street shots as well that Magnus wanted to use in the ON3P movie!

Eirik having lunch with Bmacks’ kids

ZS: Do you prefer park or street?

KS: I love both, but I think I need to say street skiing! Its such a nice feeling to land a trick in the streets that you you have been thinking of, especially when you hike the spot for a long time!

ZS: I’m hyped for that video to come out. Who are your favorite homies to ski with?

KS: Yeah me to :). My favorite to ski with might be the whole crew from Ratnation and the Trashparty boys.  Always a good time hanging out with those guys! The guys from Ratnation started on the ski high school at Hovden together. Then we started a little crew, filming edits and traveling around in Norway hitting street and slopes! I wanna give a big shoutout to Tobias Sedlecek as well keeping the trendy park skier looking fresh on the slopes! Hopefully more people start to notice the little scandiflags on the slopes.


ZS: I’ve def seen a few Scandi flags in the U.S, I fuck with the stuff he makes! What is Tobias trying to do with Team Scandi?

KS: I think he wants to make it like a core «streetwear» brand that hits more groups then just skiing. Some rappers here in Scandinavia are wearing it, he also has a lot of homies that are modeling for him a doing some pictures for instagram and the website!

ZS: Do you have any money invested in bitcoin or krypto currency recently ?

KS: No haha maybe I need to buy some bitcoins!

ZS: Same here my G.

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