Mid September & some content is coming out.

Jon Mcmurr dropping his newest and first? street part. Pretty impressive to film this one while in Highschool and mostly fresh Minnesota spots to boot. Personal favorite clip is the wall to waterfall rail and watertower smash. Looks like he decided to not go the Paddy route and move to Utah. Next Vishnu pro? Time will tell.

Another good round of random questions with Ahmet. Will Berman talks about his gnarliest street slam, being trapped on a desert island with Adrian Pougiales and rollin doobs for Jaron Stadler on his wedding day.

Chilly was shinin in these hood edits

Pep Fujas wrote an article about jumping a crevasse. On the topic of Crevasse jumping A40 posted his ender on the gram and got a warning from Bmack. 40’s giving Tommy E  a run for his money as one of Hoods craziest summer jumpers. Lets be glad his booter didn’t end up like this.

tommy E.jpg

Hornbecks gram has been going off this week as he’s tossing up a bunch of throwbacks and tyrolia ads up. The highlight has gotta be Wallisch paying for Hornbeck to go on trips. Gotta throw this one on mute.

Old Adam Delorme interview .

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A promotional video for coming soon

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.10.11 PM.png

Ahmet talked to Kieran about neuro science, noodle skis etc. A good read with some throwback videos throughout :)

Mazzi put together a montage with A4, rowan, Slime, and himself from a mid July excursion on the volcano. Hood content has been few and far between compared to last summer :/.

Pep wrote a short article about his history with k2. The happy days edit and dfdf ledge photo are timeless.

Flat Stan 2017 remix. *bazooka shot* Happy b-day Gray!

The Powell movement has a hour long podcast with P-white. “Every snowboarder seemed to have a motorcycle with a backpack on and camping in the summer” -Mike Powell.

Gram update: Tech Willy west side Zermatt clips.