Tribute to painter Flynn

Shea Flynn put out some of the most OG street parts, made some facemasks for his company Ca$h and Cookie$, and hurt his shoulder a lot like the majority of us. 2 years ago he put out a video thats one of my favorites  and his last appearance was in the the Harrington bro’s MHSSC video from last summer.

Stept films Under Armor commercials now and K2’s wack so he ended up not having a company to back his skiing. The idea of a film company is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The only production company left with any sort of relevance is Level 1 and they haven’t made a movie I was actually hyped on since Eyetrip. Stept should’ve probably released there videos for free and focused on selling more Tall T’s. I’m just wishing I bought some Cash and Cookies gear at this point.

When will more companies do it right and make a good product (skis, clothes, skiing related items), put out good content (team video), and support the skiers that are making people want to go out and ski? Support the companies who are moving in this direction- HG, the Bunch, on3p, Team Scandi etc.

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BW continental breakfast

IMG_6601.PNG         Photo via Freed’s cover picture on Facebook

Haven’t been posting as much, It’s almost summer and there isn’t as much content coming out :(. Send me your favorite ski video, mine are all in the archives :). 

Frank uploaded a SD montage with possibly the longest Vey line ever recorded on tape. Fire Will Mac line at the end.

Vishnu just dropped the teaser for their new movie. Will they redeem themselves from last years kerfuffle? At least they’re making a team movie for their ski company which there’s only one other company doing for some reason.

* Free Zootspace t-shirt  for anyone who can find a video of an actual tail press- behind the binding the whole time on the rail. (flat bar and down rails only). Send the link to or if its on the gram tag in the comments. *

Not skiing but everyone should watch this video. A full snowboard movie with only bench shots. For some reason Sig Tviet is in the intro.

I’ve never seen a bad ski video come out of Ruka. There are a lot more daylight shots then usual in this one though.

…More Ruka content. Same crew different homie. Nose butter 180 on.

Here’s a good gram video. Here’s a good gram account. It’s 2017 and everyone posts their content on the gram. Should you post your content on the gram or save it? What if it’s not good enough to save but you still want people to see it? Actual videos are more rewatchable and hold more value but it’s nice to see some skiing when you scrolling.