Thanksgiving in Bozeman, the 3rd ZS original

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The last two Thanksgivings have been spent in Utah, this Thanksgiving was spent at the only place you’re less likely to see people hiking rails than Park City. A place that has a huge sky, a lot of snowmobiles, and people that talk with a southern accent even though its located in the middle of the country.

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happy thanksgiving pilgrims

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wack friday

What I’m thankful for in skiing was most accurately depicted by Harrington Brother Z the other day, but aside from our shared appreciations, I’m thankful for everything that gets put on this website.  It’s been a slow week for new content video wise, hopefully Eat the Nuts and Interpretation will be online soon.

I once used a fufu purple video player to upload videos to ZS, which I have decided to abandon. Videos such as “A Park City Christmas, the first Zootspace original” and the excerpts previously missing from vimeo, one and two, are now playing on a more accessible platform.

Subscribe to the goat. Hackel’s been uploading a bunch of clips  to his youtube channel.

A short early season sugarbush montage featuring Jim, Will Mac, some snowboarding and Insane Gilbane (I think). Shout out to who ever did the super-fed I think that might’ve been Gilbane to.

gram update: Freddie Grann spray paints features on snowCrack Jack street footy.

Fashion Report: Two companies that have given you product in the name of black friday, but haven’t gentrified there prices because of wack friday. Arsenic Goth collection. Dan’s having a pop-up in SLC tommorow night DM him for more details. The new Kallt Gear drop. New ZS T shirts coming soon.

Quote of the week: “my mom thinks I’m Zootspace”- anonymous.

Leeb has been making a bunch of music

carl carlson

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People of all ages and sizes travel from around the world to visit the Bonezone, a place created by The General’s older brother. The Brighton parking lot was full today and there aren’t even any lifts running yet. Skiz aka Oliver Hobstackle aka the CEO of this website made a new video from the bone zone featuring multiple Park City all stars and Cal goes DUMB hard.

The Mags and Sig Tviet combo never gets old. Early season montage in the foreign land featuring a Vishnu track from the same people who gave us the The Kimbo sessions theme song (thank you Kimbo) and the all time classic, “Quit my Job”.

3 years ago Ian Compton gave us The weak Vey and Gibson edition, yesterday he gave us The weak Dayton and Hackel edition.

In the past 5 years, a lot of great content has been buried in the Level 1 movies mixed with horrible editing and pow segments you don’t want to watch. Regardless, skiers like Mike Hornbeck and LSM have had multiple great segments, that may or may not be worth your $10 dollars on iTunes. Level 1 has a lot of slo-mo extras from “Less” on there youtube account, I compiled them together into 1 OD video.

gram update bone zone edition: Mista Marley MangoSkiz’s big return, Kallt compilation

30 days till Star Wars

Snow mounds are slowly making their way onto the ZS favorite feature list among the likes of picnic tables and benches. The mound at solidude deemed “the bump” has been providing much fun before the infamous bull wheels start spinning at Park City. This mega bump clip is the god of all bump clips.

Hugo Burvall vs. Emil Granbom game of slivush.

The Midwestern ski scene is made up of little to nothing…which sucks because the Midwest holds a bunch of rope tows and great street spots. The same kid who saw Henrik as a ghost in the Education of Style has a clip on his Vimeo of Someone (Mathew Kaye) holding it down in the Midwest.

Phil and Henrik’s favorite skier, graveyard uncle, and poop slide g.o.a.t, Zam.

The Keeshlife street montage is out, more accurately named Anttu’s vid. More Keesh drops tommorow.

Gram update: Big air to salt box , Two from The bunch, lots of snow in burlington

Fashion report: Arsenic winter 1984 collection