5 (8) favorite gram accounts with the kid

In a time where instagram is taking over the world, it’s also taking over skiing. I’m more of a «save your footage for a full length»  kinda guy as I’ve mentioned before, but there’s no denying the gram holds some great content. The kid (@skrtskrtswerve) is somewhat of a gram masta, with the majority of his videos having 30k+ views.  It’s also his birthday today, and this is your favorite gram’s  five (8) favorite grams :)


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vv~ These homies just did it on em again. ~vv

They also shared a mix to go with it for when you actually chillin at the spa.

Bunch sauce- onetwo, and three.

Super hd video of canadian zootspace fav with some great canadian music to go along widit.

Welf and the kid park city content with a few zooty nbd’s.


Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 5.03.20 PM.png

There’s a sale over at the gear store.

Joona Kangas k2 clip.

Game of slvsh between LSM and Peyben.

A full sd urban movie by GG with some LSM shots.

Kallt Gear perfect for early season conditions.

Keegan and Lupe @ abay.