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Not many new videos as the season is coming to an end and the resorts are starting to close. Soon the annual migration to Mt.Hood will begin so we can all keep skiing. If you are thinking about going to Hood for the summer here’s an article dirty boi Meeks wrote about what you need and what to be prepared for.

Kai Mahler remixed his spring footage and does a really long manual.

Peter Christensen skiing brighton with Mango. The Bachelor homies came to utah and did it on em :)

tribute to Nolan Willard from The Kid, Wabs, and 40. For all y’all deciding to go to hood know that Willard is the mt.hood goat.

pb and j quesadilla

the kid and br for arsenic / Photo by Andrew Bandar

darrel posted up a new brighton clip featuring doggr and gale the oval man

OVP #4 with Magnus Norsteng and friends skiing at oslo. Also on this vimeo account, a semi old video of #theotherMagnus (below). This homie been a zs favorite since the trashparty movie.

gram update: hg skis skiing on tvs and skimanguy skiing on a quad kink with a ledge in the middle and stairs on the side.