rip revision?

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Revision had it all, a stacked team including a lot of my favorite skiers, Tall T Dan as their team manager marketing consultant, some seemingly well made/affordable skis on the market, and a small addition to their company, Reviboyz. The Reviboys sector provided some of the better content and also had their own clothes being sold on the Revision website that definitely stood out from the standard hoodies/hats etc. Revi was starting to create their own image/portion of the company that was far from #molesquad and they even had Goose-tav filming for them, possibly the best filmer out there aside from the good brotha Wyatt Kadwitt. Also, Revision had recently added Noah Alabadejo to their team, one of my fav big dog riders. Then all of the sudden, Tall T Dan leaves, Reviboyz turns into Team Scandi which isn’t associated with Revision anymore, and they go a whole season without shipping a good amount of people their skis/not even refunding them. To me it sounds like who ever owns Revision has a company death wish and leaves me wondering: Is the team still getting skis or are they getting faded as well? If Revision dies who’s going to pick up Lee-b, Noah, Lauri, and the rest of the team? Will Revision re-revise it’s name back to Epic Planks to erase bad juju and hope people forgot they changed the name in the first place? Did Epic planks even turn into Revision or is that just a myth? What will happen to Sandy Bovis? Will Sam Zahner win Superunknown and bring Revision back from the dead? What semi small ski co will fall next?

tdlr- I was over Revision when they stopped giving brewbaby skis. Edit- I don’t know whats good I’m pretty sure they hooked Brewer up at some point?