cork 14 / dubs

Finally a good amount of Vey content. Where is Gibson tho?

Veeeery zooted shots of Mango as a promo for the new Skiz movie: Roasted.

Kai Mahler surfing some slushy pipe/rails. Not the usual big jumpers video your used to seeing from Kai Mahler. Could he be making the transition from big air stunts to more low impact/relatable tricks like Liam Downey did? Either way, being able to do both is dope.

The proper way to do a forwards handplant. Also done by the little kid in this video.

Early teaser for Eat The Guts, the 2 year HG movie. Features 2 great songs and 1 great shot. It’s gonna be a good one.

The closest thing to a kick flip on skis I’ve seen. Will 1 ski tricks make a come back after Vishnu put a bad name to them? Or did they put a good name to them?

fashion week


Siedel snacks / team scandi promotional video. You can buy team.scandi gear here.

The Bunch dropped a new line of clothes featuring a $100 pink hat. They also dropped a short magnus clip to go along with their new new.

Someone wrote the first hypebeast article relating freestyle skiing lol. The article contains an edit of a voyage moscow homie skiing park in some #highfashion gear.  “Shot in the outskirts of Moscow, the editorial looks to mash the worlds of fashion and sports by bringing high fashion garments into the world of freeskiing.”